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Shiseido products

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Shiseido brands

Shiseido brands

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“Don’t Cause Opt-outs Post-Purchase,” says Shiseido SVP

I have revised my plan of attack for the Sephora VIB sale, because, let’s get real…only a few of the items I want are things I can’t function without (I’m talking to you, Kate Somerville Anti-Bac Clearing Lotion). Most of the things are things I only want because they’re on sale… I’m 100% my mother’s daughter that way (“It’s on sale? BUY IT. Don’t you ever pay full price, ever!”).

Shiseido ultimune

Shiseido ultimune

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MAC and Shiseido break ties with Kuwaiti influencer Sondos Al Qattan

“Please begin brushing your hair from the tips.” The agent actually became a model and carefully gave instructions on the procedure. The staff members brushed the girls’ hair, and again the girls tried it on their own, delectably learning the care methods. ”

Shiseido sunscreen

Shiseido sunscreen

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The Shiseido Video That Went Viral

How do you put absterge on your head? The answer is, you must lather the absterge in your palms before you put it on your head. Of course girls would know the answer! The girls got most of the answers appropriate on the questions about shampoos and conditioners and the agents members enthusiastically continued their explanations.

Shiseido group

Shiseido group

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Where to Buy Inexpensive Makeup in Tokyo

It seems the staff were already having fun at the morning meeting. They rehearsed the event before the girls’ visit. The staff were checking each other, pointing out by saying things like “That’s different from the manuscript,” and doing final checks with the wigs. We could hear laughter from every room. Then, the Girl Scouts finally arrived.

Shiseido careers

Shiseido careers

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Shiseido Skincare Products

Every Girl Scout smiled when a member explained the flow of the day’s event with an occasional touch of humor. After learning about the appropriate hair care and scalp care methods, they were ready to actually see the state of their scalps under a microscope. At first, they confirmed with super enlarged magnification the action of the scalp of the person in charge. “Wow!” After making sounds of joy, they properly checked what they had just studied. “Yes, two to three strands of hair really stem from just one pore!”

Shiseido americas corporation

Shiseido americas corporation

With over 140 years of experience, Shiseido creates premium products developed with the most advanced technology and the best of nature.

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In this volume, we bring abounding coverage of the activities of the Professional Global Marketing Administration (hereafter referred to as the “Professional GM Dept.”), which is in charge of development and marketing of haircare products for hair salons. In order to barrage the Mirai Tsubaki Activity, eight project associates stood up! The Mirai Tsubaki Activity project associates listened to different opinions like “can we stand behind future generations by setting them as the target?” “we would like to perform activities through the utilization of our techniques,” and “it’s desirable if we can engage in activities continuously.” After a slew of meetings, they decided to invite the girls of the Tokyo Council of Girl Scouts of Japan to pass on techniques through hands-on methods, with the theme “Let's convey the importance of hair care!” It was the aboriginal time in two years that the Professional GM Dept. affianced in the Mirai Tsubaki Activity. Therefore, we asked the General Manager about why they decided to participate this time. “Our administration had been engaging in “reinforcing communication” in FY2014, so we decided to carry out the Mirai Tsubaki Activity as a part of those efforts. The staff in our administration are dispersed over several offices; thus, we felt it was best to recruit associates from each office and to plan and implement the Mirai Tsubaki activity as a project beyond the framework of daily duties. She continued, “We will an event that targeted 3rd to 9th grade “Girl Scouts”, to educate them about their scalps and hair and teach them the right shampooing and brushing methods. The achievement is that they’ll learn the importance of everyday hair care.” Namely, this event focuses on the aspect of cheering on future generations. On the day of the event, 32 girls visited the Shiseido Headquarters in Shiodome, Tokyo. They aboriginal received an orientation, and then went through five stations where they were asked some challenging questions. Twenty-four associates of the Professional GM Dept. awaited the girls’ arrival with nervous looks on their faces at the stations. Wonder if the girls will adore the activities!?

Shiseido americas

Shiseido americas

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On the very first day of the sale, I put everything I want to buy into my cart, and then I wait… And wait. And wait. I let it all simmer there, brewing and stewing (and taunting me?). Then, juuuuust before the sale ends, I’ll see what’s left in my cart, and most of the time when I do this, there are things that have sold out, which whittles the list down, and from there I reevaluate what’s left and see what fits into my budget.